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"If you want to know me,
watch my films"

- Charlie Chaplin

Ryan Shovey

Ryan Shovey writes and directs horror films where characters overcome their pain by embracing their darkness.


While at Valencia College in Orlando, FL, under the mentorship of film veteran, Ralph Clemente, Ryan won the CINE Golden Eagle Award For Excellence for his short film adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart (2007). Now living in Los Angeles, Ryan's life and career revolve around the drive for great filmmaking.

Ryan has since made over a dozen short films, screening in festivals all over the world. Still, he pushes for that next level. Taking a quote from Akira Kurosawa to heart, "If you want to be a great director, learn to be a great writer," Ryan embraced the craft of screenwriting, which earned him various placements in contests such as a Top Ten Finalist in Stage 32's Search For New Blood and a Quarter Finalist in The Page Screenwriting Awards.

Be it writing, directing, or his background in post-production, Ryan strives to better himself in the craft of filmmaking. His passion is to write & direct horror films where quirky heroes escape crowd-pleasing nightmares.

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