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Ryan Shovey

Writer     Director


This, dear viewer, is the mind of writer/director Ryan Shovey.

Long ago, on a cold, dark night, an idea beamed through the grit and grime of mediocrity to feed the lost souls starved for creepy and/or cool films. This idea grew into a passion that only one man's tenacity could harness the stories hiding within; the stories of darkness,

pain and growth; of monsters wearing masks of humanity.

The stories of a madman’s sanity…

Popular Short Films


Sloppy Seconds

Horror / 12min / 2022

Canceling date night with his wife, Philip is surprised when she cooks his favorite dinner. However, his mistress' texts reveal the nights actual deadly events.



Horror / 10min / 2016

When a slacker, gamer dude gets a new mirror installed in his room, he's thrust into a hellish journey with horrific results.


The Tell-Tale Heart

Horror / 27min / 2007

Based on the classic short story by Edgar Allan Poe: A servant walks us through his murdering of an old man.


The Audition

Horror / 8min / 2013

A woman walks to a meeting in the shady part of New Orleans, unknowing of the thirsty gang following close behind.



Horror / 12min / 2012

Spending a quiet night at home, Valerie is stalked by a madman with a large knife.


Zeik's Bad Day

Horror / 28min / 2009

Zeik is on a mission to win over the girl of his dreams after encountering a really bad day, bullies, and the zombie apocalypse.

Latest Screenplay Samples


A Waking Nightmare

After a woman escapes and kills her kidnapper, she discovers a blood-thirsty demon has been salivating over her strength all along.


Jeremy Is The Devil

A desperate man makes a deal with a shady stranger to avoid eviction, but, the hunger, paranoia, and murders were far more than he bargained for.

Untitled_Artwork 2.png


Tortured by night terrors, a reclusive woman must unite with the ghosts that haunt her dreams in order to escape the house of a psychopath.


Raining Blood

A masked killer lives as a recluse after getting away with murder. But, once a copy cat chases campers to his cabin, he must don the mask one last time to survive the night.

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